Workplace Mental Health webinars

Our focused webinars deliver a powerful package of guidance in under an hour. Delivered in real-time by our expert training consultants, they’ll give you 45 minutes of targeted information and advice, and a Q&A session.

Shorter learning sessions have many potential benefits, from contributing to professional development and providing focused training on a single topic, to enabling social connection across teams.

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Each 45-minute webinar is delivered at a time to suit you on Zoom or Teams according to your preference. Our trainers are experts in mental health and workplace wellbeing. They will give you and your staff practical insights and actionable strategies.

Participants will learn about different mental health conditions, how to recognise signs in colleagues and how to offer support. They will also learn skills for managing their own stress and improving their resilience.

Bespoke to your organisation, webinars cover topics including:

  • Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace
  • Men and Mental Health
  • Using emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Supporting parents in the workplace
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace
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Our popular ‘how to’ webinars include:

  • How to cope with challenges of the cost of living crisis
  • How to have conversations about mental health at work
  • How to support people during times of distress and trauma
  • How to embed wellbeing in a remote workforce
  • How to find and access the right support for you

Our other topic-based webinars include: 

  • Men and mental health
  • Sleep and mental health
  • Gender bias in the workplace
  • Taking breaks at work
  • Menopause: the last taboo?
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Severe/enduring mental illness
  • Race at work
  • Understanding suicide


working people were suffering work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2021/22

“We are very happy with the relationship we’ve got with Charlie Waller Workplace. We’ve seen big improvements in the questions about mental health support in our staff engagement survey since we’ve started working with you.”

Greg Charman

Environmental, Social and Governance Manager  |  Air Partner

"This training confirmed and reassured me that I had the tools to support staff in my team and was doing a good job in providing staff with appropriate support."

Training Participant

 |  Wakefield Council

"The work we’ve done with Charlie Waller has given us all much more confidence to talk about mental health – and it’s brought the team closer together."

Jon Cornwell

CEO  |  Newsflare

"Working with our Charlie Waller consultants has made a huge difference to our line managers. They now feel much more confident and at ease talking to team members about mental health issues. Each session is incredibly practical with tools that our managers can use straight away."

Richard Dickson

HR Director  |  James Cowper Kreston

"Thank you so much for delivering some really impactful training for Fujitsu people managers over the past few weeks. We saw really high participation, and received some great feedback from across the Europe region."

Sarah-Jane Littleford

Head of Responsible Business  |  Fujitsu Global

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