Workplace Mental Health Strategy

Our experts will work with you to develop a mental health strategy that is practical, effective and achievable, helping you to reduce the costs associated with poor mental health and make sure your organisation is one where your people can thrive.

We will make sure we really understand your business, your people, and your culture. We’ll help you create evidence-based mental health policies and action plans that work for everyone in your organisation.

Why Charlie Waller Workplace?

Experience and expertise

Our consultants have impeccable credentials with backgrounds in psychology, mental health, workplace wellbeing and human resources. They have decades of experience working with all types of staff from senior leadership teams to managers and employees working on the ground. They have worked across sectors and industries, from global brands to SMEs and micro start-ups.

Practical and measurable

We’ll work with you to devise a strategy whose results can be measured, so you and your employees can see it working. We’ll recommend practical actions which everyone can understand and can easily integrate in their personal and professional lives.  

Bespoke to you

Our experience means we can draw on our knowledge of what has worked in organisations similar to yours and ensure you are providing the best support to your people. We’ll tailor our consultancy to you, steering away from a 'one size fits all' approach.


Everything we do is informed by the evidence base. We work closely to the standards laid out by NICE, the Health & Safety Executive, CIPD, CMHA and Acas. We sit on a range of advisory boards and ensure you will have immediate access to the latest guidance in mental health at work.

£8 billion

is the amount UK businesses can potentially save each year through better mental health support in the workplace

Ongoing support

We won’t disappear after our initial work with you but instead offer ongoing consultancy where we continue to support your whole organisation approach to mental health at work and invite you to become a Charlie Waller Workplace Partner.

Get in touch

“We are very happy with the relationship we’ve got with Charlie Waller Workplace. We’ve seen big improvements in the questions about mental health support in our staff engagement survey since we’ve started working with you.”

Greg Charman

Environmental, Social and Governance Manager  |  Air Partner

"This training confirmed and reassured me that I had the tools to support staff in my team and was doing a good job in providing staff with appropriate support."

Training Participant

 |  Wakefield Council

"The work we’ve done with Charlie Waller has given us all much more confidence to talk about mental health – and it’s brought the team closer together."

Jon Cornwell

CEO  |  Newsflare

"Working with our Charlie Waller consultants has made a huge difference to our line managers. They now feel much more confident and at ease talking to team members about mental health issues. Each session is incredibly practical with tools that our managers can use straight away."

Richard Dickson

HR Director  |  James Cowper Kreston

"Thank you so much for delivering some really impactful training for Fujitsu people managers over the past few weeks. We saw really high participation, and received some great feedback from across the Europe region."

Sarah-Jane Littleford

Head of Responsible Business  |  Fujitsu Global

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