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Our Mental Health Webinars

Our focused webinars deliver a powerful package of guidance in under an hour. Delivered in real-time by our expert training consultants, they’ll give you 45 minutes of targeted information and advice, and a Q&A session.

Shorter learning sessions have many potential benefits, from contributing to professional development and providing focused training on a single topic, to enabling social connection across teams.

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Each 45-minute webinar is delivered at a time to suit you on Zoom or Teams according to your preference. Our trainers are experts in mental health and workplace wellbeing. They will give you and your staff practical insights and actionable strategies.

Participants will learn about different mental health conditions, how to recognise signs in colleagues and how to offer support. They will also learn skills for managing their own stress and improving their resilience.

Bespoke to your organisation, webinars cover topics including:

  • Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace
  • Men and Mental Health
  • Using emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Supporting parents in the workplace
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace
  • How to support others with their mental health
  • Menopause
  • Anxiety and social media in young people
  • Looking after your wellbeing as a parent/carer
  • Supporting young people: The teenage brain – what’s going on?
Interesting and engaging content, easy to digest. Has made me think about my own and other’s mental health”

HR Manager – IT Consultancy

Watch the videos below to get an intro to some of the our most popular webinar topics: 

Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace


Using Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

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The webinars will be run exclusively for your organisation. Each webinar costs just £395, regardless of the number of people attending.

To learn more and receive a full list of webinar topics, please contact or book a discovery call above. 

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