TL Dallas: Making mental health a strategic priority

Smart employers have a workforce which feels respected, valued and engaged. With strategic support from Charlie Waller, TL Dallas Group is putting mental health at its heart.

The pandemic has shone a light on the importance of our mental health. If one good thing has come out of the last couple of years it has been the increased awareness of the importance of mental health, and hopefully a reduction in the stigma associated with the subject. Caring and forward thinking organisations have placed a much greater focus on creating a culture of positive mental health for all their colleagues.

Personal connection

The TL Dallas Group has been making mental health a strategic priority for a number of years, putting it at the forefront of their organisation. TL Dallas is one of the UK’s leading independent insurance broking and risk management firms, established in 1919, and with a proud and strong heritage.

TL Dallas is one of the UK’s leading independent insurance broking and risk management firms, established in 1919, and with a proud and strong heritage.

Managing Director, Polly Staveley, whose great grandfather founded the business, has a strong personal drive, empathy and connection to mental health and wellbeing. Not only because she understands its value to the business, but from personal experience. In 2012 her father died by suicide and she is acutely aware of the need to support individuals whose mental health is affected by personal experiences. 

A safe space to talk

With mental health so close to the heart of TL Dallas and their employees, it was a privilege that they chose to work with Charlie Waller to deliver consultancy, training and support.

Our premise was to offer a psychologically safe space for employees to talk openly about mental health as well as training employees to recognise the signs of mental ill health and how to offer support to colleagues.

Progressive approach

Initially we supported Polly to integrate the company’s people strategy with their mental health strategy. From this it was clear Polly has a progressive outlook on mental health within the workplace:  she recognised the importance of leading by example and of including all colleagues.

As her strategy took shape, TL Dallas and the Charlie Waller Trust began to form a partnership, delivering two tailored and practical programmes with the company’s leadership team, all of whom have line management responsibilities.

This training gave individuals approaches to help alleviate work pressure as well as encouraging people to be proactive, thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others. Line managers were given the skills to hold supportive conversations around mental health, as well as to take action in support of their own mental health and wellbeing. TL Dallas have even gone one step further and offered private CBT sessions (cognitive behavioural therapy) for those on NHS waiting lists.

Tangible results

Polly says that creating a culture of open and supportive communication has had a tangible impact in encouraging more positive attitudes towards the mental health and wellbeing of colleagues. She feels that such programmes and initiatives should be scheduled on a regular basis, as they have helped staff open up about things that may be a concern they would like to see addressed. 

TL Dallas now conduct regular reviews by listening to employee feedback: employees feel kindness levels amongst colleagues have increased as a result of the programme.

Polly adds that she felt that using Charlie Waller’s online webinars, as well as our learning approaches, has given her organisation a distinct advantage as they offer insightful knowledge, together with practical tools and techniques. They help individuals understand how to identify the signs in someone who may be struggling, giving them the confidence to act appropriately with empathy and compassion.


Polly...felt that using Charlie Waller’s online webinars and learning approaches, has given her organisation a distinct advantage.

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